One time I looked at the ceiling of a movie theater and realized that I’m not 14 anymore. My ambitions are trapped in the uniform of a fallen soldier and my favorite color, once a glimmer of hope, is now just another shade of purple. My body feels smaller although it’s older, I’m shrinking as… Continue reading Theater

Road trips with mama

I never really liked road trips with mama She would always Make ten stops Every ten minutes And smoke cherry cigars  On each one of them She would play a broken French music CD  Which lagged after Every verse  Now I look at her  And I notice the subtle Signs of all the years she’s… Continue reading Road trips with mama

the emptiness that comes after a long day

What terrifies me the most, I think, is that I will one day visit the city of my dreams. It will blind me with its bright lights and endless chatter. Its streets will hold me the way a lover would on a cold Autumn night and its night sky will remind me that things can… Continue reading the emptiness that comes after a long day

moving forward

I haven't written in a while. I was waiting for inspiration, motivation, anything really. I waited a long while, then I realized I was waiting for nothing - like those characters from that play. Sometimes I get bouts of inspiration and I push them down so I wouldn't have to confront the possibilities that come… Continue reading moving forward

Thoughts 2.26.20

I want the kind of love that feels like walking in my front door after a long flight, where delays and surprise layovers bungled it. I want the kind …Thoughts 2.26.20 “I want the kind of love that feels like a hot shower after coiling inside of airplanes...”

keep walking

I was taking a walk this morning when I passed by me and my best friend’s favorite coffeeshop. I found out that it had to shut down after going bankrupt because of the pandemic, and that was when it hit me. Even though the world hasn’t ended yet, the world as we know it has.… Continue reading keep walking

You don’t have to read this, really

Living is one of the toughest challenges I have faced in my 21 years of life. Finding the will to go on, every day, no matter what - is just something I never got the hang of. Sometimes I look at people and wonder how they can talk and smile so effortlessly, wonder why I… Continue reading You don’t have to read this, really

Four Walls

Being surrounded by the same four walls every day forces you to get to know yourself. The unresolved internal conflicts you kept at bay with constant distractions fester to the surface. It's raw, ugly, and real. If you stare at the walls long enough, your problems almost materialize in front of you. The nightstand suddenly… Continue reading Four Walls