the way dreams break us

Tonight I dreamt of you The way your fingers traced Summer on my skin in December The way your hair smelled Like the song we would play In your car - wind against my face Warmth in my chest, because You were next to me As the days passed by Somehow I managed to forget… Continue reading the way dreams break us

the measurements of loss

loss, i learnt, is a room with no walls a car with no headlights an ocean with no compass loss, i learnt, is the empty sigh after a crowded day and the loneliness that arrives at night i tried to measure loss but instead of finding numbers i found nothing loss, i learnt, can’t be… Continue reading the measurements of loss


One time I looked at the ceiling of a movie theater and realized that I’m not 14 anymore. My ambitions are trapped in the uniform of a fallen soldier and my favorite color, once a glimmer of hope, is now just another shade of purple. My body feels smaller although it’s older, I’m shrinking as… Continue reading Theater

Road trips with mama

I never really liked road trips with mama She would always Make ten stops Every ten minutes And smoke cherry cigars  On each one of them She would play a broken French music CD  Which lagged after Every verse  Now I look at her  And I notice the subtle Signs of all the years she’s… Continue reading Road trips with mama

the emptiness that comes after a long day

What terrifies me the most, I think, is that I will one day visit the city of my dreams. It will blind me with its bright lights and endless chatter. Its streets will hold me the way a lover would on a cold Autumn night and its night sky will remind me that things can… Continue reading the emptiness that comes after a long day

moving forward

I haven't written in a while. I was waiting for inspiration, motivation, anything really. I waited a long while, then I realized I was waiting for nothing - like those characters from that play. Sometimes I get bouts of inspiration and I push them down so I wouldn't have to confront the possibilities that come… Continue reading moving forward