Today was possibly one of the happiest days of my life. No, if anything, it was the happiest day of my life. I saw the planets align. Here is how it started. She was a young girl, broken, hurt, and tamed. I saw her tears and heard her screams before I knew her name. I… Continue reading Saturn

Despite the bird flying away

There’s an old couple sitting on the table in front of me and they’re watching a small bird fly away almost like they knew her before her wings were wide enough to soar into the sky It made me wonder if the bird reminds them of what they once were somewhere along the way Maybe… Continue reading Despite the bird flying away


I can’t begin to explain how sick I am of every day. Every day that looks the same feels the same and even smells the same. I’m living in an endless loop. Everything around me is the same color. A color that is, somehow, colorless. I’m stuck. I try to numb myself from these realizations… Continue reading re-do

two seconds

Death is lurking in the air, spreading the kind of silence that stings. The kind of silence that reminds me of all the things I wanted to say to you before we ran out of time. Time. Of all the time in the world, I only had 2 seconds with you. I knew your name… Continue reading two seconds

coffee and another day

It’s the beginning of another day. I cling onto my cup of coffee, hoping that it’s warmth will offer me solace after having to wake up at 8 AM every morning only to hear endless cases of kids who have been broken, raped, assau— Coffee. I try to ground myself. My job isn’t the easiest… Continue reading coffee and another day