keep walking

I was taking a walk this morning when I passed by me and my best friend’s favorite coffeeshop. I found out that it had to shut down after going bankrupt because of the pandemic, and that was when it hit me. Even though the world hasn’t ended yet, the world as we know it has.… Continue reading keep walking

You don’t have to read this, really

Living is one of the toughest challenges I have faced in my 21 years of life. Finding the will to go on, every day, no matter what - is just something I never got the hang of. Sometimes I look at people and wonder how they can talk and smile so effortlessly, wonder why I… Continue reading You don’t have to read this, really

Four Walls

Being surrounded by the same four walls every day forces you to get to know yourself. The unresolved internal conflicts you kept at bay with constant distractions fester to the surface. It's raw, ugly, and real. If you stare at the walls long enough, your problems almost materialize in front of you. The nightstand suddenly… Continue reading Four Walls

“Stress-Free Productivity” And Other Lies The Media Tells You

If there is anything I'm sick of hearing during quarantine, it would be things like "It's such a stressful time!" followed by " try these anti-stress exercises at home, and don't forget to meditate!" News outlets, bloggers, and celebrities are regurgitating the word "stress" so many times it's become an online trend. These so-called "fun" listicles… Continue reading “Stress-Free Productivity” And Other Lies The Media Tells You

Yoga Mat

As I arched my back into a familiar yoga pose, the tip of my nose touched the mat. I inhaled the long forgotten scent of rubber which reminded me of a near past. I remembered my 16 year old self as she held the same pose, possibly on the same mat. I remembered the grin… Continue reading Yoga Mat

The End of Time

These past few days felt like a timeless capsule which abducted me into its body. I know it's Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,... but I am still unaware of time. 6:00 PM just feels like a number followed by two letters. "Tuesday" is just an amalgamation of words that hold no meaning whatsoever. Today is tomorrow, tomorrow… Continue reading The End of Time


As I look onto the horizon, the sky and sea melt together into scarves of blue, and I think of you. You were a town with love in every corner. I recall flashbacks that are not so much memories as they are photographs. I close my eyes and I can see myself smiling, there's the… Continue reading 2020

The lonely hour

The clock ticks past the lonely hour of 7, and she does not pause to knock before announcing herself present: The questions she brings along paralyze me. The dots and their swirls suffocate my certainties with silence. She knows what she has done to me as she sits there musing and mumbling memories with no… Continue reading The lonely hour