My Vermillion

A puddle of glistening water leaves a crescent shaped mark in the mud

I am standing, there,
the door is right in front of me and she sits perfectly perched on my balcony’s terrain

She’s beautiful
her body is covered in soft shades of sun yellow and sky white-

But I don’t touch her,
I don’t near her

I see her wings flutter as the sunlit sky darkens its hues
yet shes unmoved and unshaken but all which changes are her sun and her sky as they near the nighttime of violet and blue

And I stand there,
I watch as she transforms
I watch as her colors dance with the skies around her and

I don’t near her

I can only remain, behind this transparent door of withering away wood,
wishing I understood just how the sky changes for her

Wishing she would come here, come inside, into a place I can deem familiar
but she doesn’t

She flies away once more, towards a rain soaked sky that she understands

and I know she will be back once more


An 8bit night sky

I dreamt of us

under an 8bit night sky


The sands were wet the sea was cold

navy blue, glittery and bold

We were out of a portrait, stuck in time

off of an image in which you were mine


Looking at you, looking at the sea

This is the happiest i can ever be


Then i wake up, damp sands in mind

tossing and turning over a dream left behind

The portrait still runs

Down my memory

For its only there

that we can ever be


An Amber Sun

You are laying next to me

On a piece of cloth dusted

by the quarrels of the winds and the earth

throughout the night

You are laying next to me

Your eyes are safely shuttered

eyelashes ever so softly sputtered

by the soft rays of amber

resting their cloaks upon you

And behind you mountains lay

Their crevices locked in an intimate sway

as the sun’s rays graze against your face,

touch upon your chin,

And welcome you to stay

You’re laying next to me

On a piece of cloth dusted

Midst the amber hues of a sun rising

of mountains embracing

But all I can see are your eyelashes, sputtering,

Holding hands with the sway of every wind


Four Squares

4 squares in an apartment building

Underneath the same dusted neon sign

4 people with 4 items

A cat, a notebook, a grandmother, and a bottle of wine

The windowsills touch one another playfully yet the 4 residents are oblivious to the dance

A cat climbs upon the sill and reaches for the bottle of alcohol hanging from a next door woman’s hands

The boyfriend watches as he remembers painfully forgotten plans,

A notebook lies against the grandmother’s soft blue knitted pants

4 squares in an apartment building

Underneath the same dusted neon sign

Their clocks dancing with one another’s,

Yet they remain oblivious to the chimes


An Old Man’s Only Possession

The grunts of a dusting clock

The frays of leather on an age old chair

A memory drawn on a cup

The sun’s rays laid bare

He sits there

in that armchair,

and now his cigars exhale

clouds which quarrel the sun’s rays pale

His nails are trimmed, and their edges soothe

the frays the armchair has let loose

His eyes are on the clock, the cup offers him a memory

yet the exhales seem to be his only remedy

The clock stops ticking, it rests in its remains

but he does not notice, he merely inhales

The grunts have now gone, and he looks the other way

The cup is nothing but a memory, and the sun took its rays

The leather is no longer frayed, yet the smoke still remains

He does not notice, he merely inhales

And yet another day came by

but his exhales no longer quarreled the sky

His fingers are now loose

and what they hold is all he can ever choose


Once Upon a Home

You felt like home

in moments of ache and vulnerability

You felt like home

when I could see the soft freckles sprinkled across your cheeks and wish for nothing more


underneath the warm rays of sunlight, when you were laying next to me, when our promises held my hands and their certainty held me


when we were walking along the streets of a town ill never forget, a town which felt like home only because you are it

And I know, that you meant to be home for as long as I could reside,

But I could no longer

For the times you felt like home felt like pain whenever stars were sprinkled across the sky and you are not there for me to tell you how beautiful they were


when I had pain in my hands in my veins in my chest and I did not believe in air but you are not there to show me just how to breathe-

you are not there to hold my hands when the soft skin up my wrists begged for the warmth of anything but a sting

Darling you felt like home

but homes aren’t always meant for you to stay

Because sometimes homes can grasp you too hard that searching for air blinds you from looking around and realizing

You are not in a home