two seconds

Death is lurking in the air, spreading the kind of silence that stings. The kind of silence that reminds me of all the things I wanted to say to you before we ran out of time. Time. Of all the time in the world, I only had 2 seconds with you. I knew your name… Continue reading two seconds

silence isn’t always scary

silence, i think, requires so much courage. staying still in those few seconds where the mind could wander. when the world offers no distractions. that takes bravery. i hear the cars rushing on concrete. i hear my heart beats like the ticking of a clock. i hear everything, and nothing at all. in that moment,… Continue reading silence isn’t always scary

coffee and another day

It’s the beginning of another day. I cling onto my cup of coffee, hoping that it’s warmth will offer me solace after having to wake up at 8 AM every morning only to hear endless cases of kids who have been broken, raped, assau— Coffee. I try to ground myself. My job isn’t the easiest… Continue reading coffee and another day


I’m unable to write about happiness the way I think happiness should be. Maybe that’s because my happiest moments were never the highs, but the in-betweens. The seconds of calm before the storm. The minutes when my racing heart finally rested. When breathing felt possible. Happiness was the chaos of my family. It was their… Continue reading Rest